Friday, August 26, 2016

Painting at Spence Park

Four of us gathered at Spence Park Tuesday, August 16. Phyllis and Mike Martino, Mary Thompson and Carol Frank. It was one of those rare nice days this summer (No rain). There was a political meeting downtown but it was mostly over when we got there.
I haven't got the other's paintings, here is Carol's, done in gouache on 5" x 8" watercolor paper.

Monday, August 15, 2016

We will be having a paint out on Tuesday the 16th at 1:00
meeting location is Front St. and State.
there is a small park-let called Spence Park which is right across for the Charmant Hotel
hope you can join us


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some outdoor work and new gouache setup

Here it is August already. I managed to get outdoors some between rain, hot & muggy weather, gardening and house hunting in the Austin area. We really have put in the miles between Austin and La Crosse. There was one house we were especially interested in. It was a repo, Despite being only 12 years old there are issues with it.
I also revamped my gouache painting kit. First of all I put it into a separate bag from my drawing kit, the drawing kit plus painting was too heavy and bulky. I had made a folding set up using adjustable hinges, set-in nut and a quick-release tripod plate. I even got a new tripod! the old tripods I were using were either big, bulky and heavy or light-weight and flimsy. This model is a Mefoto backpacker.
I set up in the backyard and painted some vegetables.

Then I put everything on my bike and went to the Oak Grove Cemetary and did a quick painting of the Hixon Family Monument.

So have any of you managed to get outdoors for some painting? Please post them here or email the photos to me

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finally, a chance to get out and draw!

Monday evening I rode my bike and took along my small sketchkit, the one in a converted purse. The weather has been too wet my liking. When it doesn't rain, I am outside catching up on yard and garden work.
This sketch of a mullein plant is along the Bud Hendrickson Nature trail in north La Crosse. Done on Strathmore vellum mixed media paper (5.5" x 8.5"), watercolor pencils and a little bit of white gouache.
How about getting together at the Bud Hendrickson nature trail? But the next two weekends are tied up with family events. Perhaps the middle of the week. The trail is best in mornings before 11 AM and evenings after 5 PM.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Let's get ready for another season of outdoor drawing and painting!

I'm getting my gouache paints ready outdoor use. The weather has been crazy, but it will get better. Any suggestions on locations? In February my husband and I went to Tucson and I managed to do some sketching, but not enough to fill my designated sketchbooks. At home I finished them up using photos we have taken.

These were done on the spot using graphite pencils and water-soluable graphite pencils.
This is a moth-balled helicopter. I did this at home using watercolor pencils and white gouache on black paper. I like the look so this year I'm going to do some gouache on black and dark blue.

I painted black and dark blue gouache on some of my watercolor paper pages and sealed them with acrylic mat medium. I'm looking forward to using them.